Some Amethysts! Originally these were just ink sketches in one of my sketchbooks, but I figured since the show is airing it’s final episode tomorrow, I’d colour these and post them to celebrate! 

I wanted to draw a bunch more, mostly because I wanted to design different outfits for Amethyst, like if the game she was sucked into was more of a strategy rpg. I was going to draw her as a bard, and archer, and a chemist (my fave class outfit-wise from FF:Tactics,) but I only ended up sketching her as a fighter (left) and a mage (right.) I tried to keep her tiara in both designs. 

I’m a big fan of Brianne Drouhard’s work, so I was very happy to see that she finally got to make some more cartoons! if you guys aren’t familiar with her work, I’d check it out!

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